We serve rustic kebabs with big flavours. It's a bold new expression of our modern kebab, which started with Le Bab in Soho. Absolutely everything we serve is made from scratch in house using seasonal, ethical ingredients. We've also got cocktails & top wines for you to wash it all down. Maison Bab's kitchen is led by founding Le Bab chef Angus Bell, formerly of Le Gavroche and The Star at Harome. We're purveying of simplicity in food and colour in concept. Nothing is serious except the food & drink. Come and get your babs.



Stephen & Ed

We love kebabs. They’re a fundamentally delicious dish. London has some amazing kebab shops, and we thought we could add to this scene. We’ve been friends for 10 years, eating kebabs all over the world, and it inspired us to create our own modern kebab. In 2014 I (Stephen) coaxed Ed away from Le Gavroche to found Le Bab with me. We’ve been cooking this concept together ever since. In 2015 Manu, who was friends with Ed at Le Gavroche, also joined us. He brought a new level of culinary ability to the team. Together we opened Le Bab, serving Soho this new kind of seasonal, ingredient-driven kebab: modern gastronomic thinking plus ancient inspiration. Maison Bab and Kebab Queen are the next big steps in our project. We can't wait to share them with you.